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PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of The Mountain™ Bundle

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  • Cutting-Edge Performance - Enjoy 4K HDR visuals, a 110 degree field of view and advanced graphical rendering.
  • Quick Setup - Jump straight into the action with a simple one-cable connection to your PS5 console.
  • PlayStation VR2 Headset 4K HDR Display- Feast your eyes on vibrant, super-sharp 4K High Dynamic Range visuals that bring breathtaking virtual reality environments into clear focus. Revel in imagery of superior quality as two 2000 x 2040 OLED displays deliver over four times the resolution generated by the original PlayStation VR headset for a comfortably smooth visual experience at up to 120fps.
  • Eye Tracking - Discover rich emotional experiences as you interact with the game world and other players. Eye tracking cameras detect when your eyes are open and track their movements and the emotions they convey – which can be reflected through in-game situations.
  • PlayStation VR2 Sense Technology - Feel real sensations and emotions with eye tracking, headset feedback, 3D Audio and highly intuitive controls.
  • Thrilling New Worlds - Surround yourself in a new generation of genre-defining VR games.
  • Inside-Out Tracking - Play with freedom and experience different Vr play styles, as PlayStation VR2 tracks you and your controllers through four cameras embedded in the headset. Your movements and what you look at is reflected in-game, without the need for an external camera.


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Product Information



Model Name

PlayStation VR2 Bundle (PSVR2)

Available Platform(s)

Playstation 5

Screen Size

6 Inches

Product Dimensions

10 x 2 x 2.7 inches


5.17 pounds

Product Review

9.6Expert Score
PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of The Mountain™ Bundle: Expert Review
Escape into worlds that feel, look and sound truly real as VR gaming takes a huge generational leap forward. Discover heightened sensory and emotional experiences through revolutionary PlayStation VR2 Sense technology with intuitive controls and 4K HDR visuals4 in the next generation of genre-defining games.
Ease of Use
General Appreciation
  • PC-grade VR without the PC
  • Doubles as a giant virtual flatscreen for other content
  • Accurate spatial tracking
  • Cinematic Mode
  • Decent price for the performance... if you own a PS5
  • Great Sense controllers
  • High lens resolution
  • Cord easily gets underfoot
  • Headband could feel more premium
  • It isn't compatible with PSVR1 games, or with PC
  • Features like headset rumble and eye-tracking seem underutilized
  • No built-in speakers or headphones

Product Description

Conquer colossal peaks, overcome fearsome machines and uncover a hidden danger to the world of Horizon in the PlayStation®VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain™ bundle. Play from a new perspective – experience the sensations of height and wonder as you take in stunning vistas across the Carja and Nora homelands through the eyes of new character, Ryas. View the breathtaking natural world of Horizon in 360 degrees and interact with your surroundings using two PlayStation®VR2 Sense™ controllers. Enjoy immersive action – use intuitive movements to climb mountains, hunt machines, shoot your bow and craft items from raw materials. Brave a new adventure – enter a living, breathing world of dangerous machines, tribal lore, exciting quests and new and returning characters. Share the experience – feel the adrenaline rush in a riverboat ride filled with surprises, that offers the chance to show off PS VR2 to your friends and family.
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  1. Mr. Miami Cuddles

    Should you purchase the PSVR2. As someone who regrets not purchasing the PSVR1 for the PS4, I would say yes. If you don’t own a PS5, it’s not worth going out and purchasing a PS5 and a PSVR2. The PSVR2 in my opinion is more advanced than the Meta 2 and the picture quality is superior.Questions you should ask yourself if you’re considering a PSVR2. Do you play your PS5 a lot? Do you have friends that can meet you for a private match? My answer was yes to both of these questions. Every Friday night, 5 of us get together and play mini golf, and it’s almost as if we’re all on vacation together. The transition from playing a PS5 game to playing a PSVR2 game is seamless. There is a button on the front bottom right of the headset that you can press to bring back your real life surroundings. This is HUGE!Do you enjoy streaming? Streaming is simple with the PSVR2. You don’t need any capture cards etc. It’s pretty simple to be honest once you set everything up which may take a good half hour.Is the wire that connects to the PS5 an issue? If it is you should wait for the Meta 3. I’ve only had one issue almost tripping on the cord while boxing in the Creed boxing game.Do you have the space? Truly, if you have a 3.5 foot space in every direction, you’ll be compressed, but you’ll also be fine because you can move with your thumbsticks. I play C-Smash (racquetball) against friends, stand in one place and use the thumbsticks to move left and right. It works fine.Check out the catalog on the Playstation Store before making a final decision.

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  2. Don Moody

    You might want to try it before you buy it. I went into this thinking my mind would be blown. I should have turned my expectations down a notch or two.I had expected supersharp imagery and got semi-sharp. Even following online suggestions, I only got nominal improvements.Once I got past that issue, I enjoyed the hell out of it. I used it on Gran Turismo 7. (My unrealistic expectations started with reading posts about immersion with this game) Yes, it was immersive, but it won’t keep me from playing the game on a 4k TV.My wife plays Call of the Mountain and she digs the hell out of it. She says the controllers take a bit to get used to, and the setup is a bit involved, but after you get used to the controller get a quality headset and set up the play area, it’s a blast.

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  3. Cat Woman

    Never thought I would see the day when. Having sampled the meta quest oculus, I felt encouraged to get this VR bundle and my son was getting the PS5 anyway. I read that this is only for PS5 only and that is a shame because PS4 VR games could help build the repertoire of VR. Wish I got to experience the PS4 VR games. I was happy with the graphic and felt it was crisp. I felt like I was at Disneyland and it made me feel like I was moving at times even though standing still. I just put 1 foot in front and 1 in back to have a more steady feeling. It’s amazing how the mind gets into it. When climbing I genuinely felt slightly fearful of the height and had to remind myself that I was in a game. Was startled by the mechanical animals coming at me and exploding very close to me as one of the characters shot them. I love when the very tall mechanical creature walked over me. I saw that on YouTube and liked the idea of it but to experience it in VR was truly wonderful and exciting. I wish I could touch everything I saw. The family was also able to see what I was seeing on tv so that was entertaining for them. You can also switch it so you can see the real world to check where you are in your room if you wish. The controllers are a bit of guess work because you can’t see them while playing. You have to remember where the buttons and moving sticks are. That’s a plus and a minus because you don’t want to see it. It will take away from the ambience of the game play at the same time you do. It does come up with guidance and give you time to press or move. It is a bit of a learning curve to use it and if I had did it myself it would have taken a while for me to figure out. My son handled the details on that part for me to speed things along. My adult children experienced motion sickness but I didn’t which was unusual cause I’m the one that gets motion sickness sometimes when playing games. I think they experienced it because they may have been tired or didn’t eat/drink properly that day. Never thought I would see the day that I can really be inside a game. The VR piece I felt a little uncomfortable because of the design. It was kind of tight on my head to make sure it didn’t move. The Oculus that I tried had a full head piece so you felt secure. The rubber around the eyes to block out light I felt will not last long. It seems like it can be ripped eventually but time will tell. I will be looking for other things that will help to make it more comfortable. Oh, I was disappointed with the sound and thought I was going to experience an immersive sound all around me. I was like what are the 2 little ear pieces? I thought it had it built in, but maybe that’s a good thing, because if the sound malfunctions the VR will still work and you can just get your own headphones and use that. Basically it was a wonderful experience that I didn’t think I will see. The design may need to be looked at again. I think you will not regret this purchase and it a good place to start. Looking forward to more game play. Now I need a Mass Effect type story or Elder Scrolls on VR. Any Sci-fi story will do. 🙂 I had also purchased a Star Wars VR game to try out so that something:-).

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