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ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II Fully Modular Power Supply

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About this item
  • Lambda A++ Certification confirms the latest Thor wields menacing power in absolute stealth
  • ROG heatsinks cover critical components, delivering lower temperatures and reduced noise
  • A 135mm Axial-tech fan with PWM control delivers lower noise and keeps thermals in check
  • Built with 100% Japanese capacitors and other premium components to achieve 80 Plus Platinum Certification.
  • OLED display monitors power draw in real time.
  • AC Input Range: 100-240Vac


Product Information





Model Number



80 PLUS PLATINUM Certified


100 – 240 V

Fan Size

135 Millimeters


1000 watts

Compatible Devices

Product Dimensions

‎7.4 x 5.9 x 3.4 inches


‎5.2 pounds

Product Review

9.4Expert Score
ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II Fully Modular Power Supply: Expert Review
ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II is designed to power the best high-end gaming PCs. ROG heatsinks cover critical components to deliver lower temperatures and reduce noise. The large OLED display monitors power draw in real time. This is the perfect pairing with powerful ROG motherboards and graphics cards.
Noise level
Energy efficiency
Easy to install
Value for money
Quality of material
General Appreciation
  • Full power at 47°C
  • Good ripple suppression & load regulation
  • Quality components
  • Dual-ball bearing fan
  • Lots of modular cables and connectors
  • Aura compatible RGB lighting
  • 10-year warranty
  • Accurate AC Watt readings
  • Good looks
  • Not as efficient as competition
  • OPP is set sky-high
  • OLED screen provides limited info
  • Bulky

Product Description


Offering 1000 watts of power output, a fully modular cable design, and an 80-Plus Platinum efficiency rating, the ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II already looks to tick all of the boxes the savvy consumer should have. This is also the very first consumer PSU to come, out of the box, with a PCIe 5.0 power connector! – Yes, this is 100% ready for the next leap forward in powering graphics cards! Without a doubt, however, what will mostly catch the more casual eye is the hugely impressive aesthetics of the design. Not only is this quite possibly one of the best-looking power supplies ever released, but ASUS has also thrown in some ARGB lighting embellishments. However, avoiding the pitfalls of going overboard, the ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II definitely looks to be catering to the enthusiast gamer market. And, at least on what we can see in terms of its features and presentation, it certainly seems well geared to that purpose.

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  1. Blake Ray Ledermn

    I know what you’re saying 220 dollars is a lot of money for a PSU and you’d be somewhat right but this PSU has custom cables… cable combs, and an oled screen all while being 1,000w for 220 dollars currently on amazon new. You can’t get much better. I needed another 1000w PSU as I got a 4090 and wanted to give my wife my 3090. She has my old Prime 1000W that has been doing great. This is a slight downgrade to me kind of I like the oled screen so that is a plus and I wanted to clear up the cables so having customs over extensions were nice. If you were to buy this psu seasonic branded it would be about 260 or 280 so this is actually much better value when you include cables and oled screen if you can benefit from the screen might as well IMO.** CON ***As people have mentioned the marketing / selling makes it confusing this does not come with a 4000’s series cable. It comes with the one that fits a 3090ti I believe. But it is not braided. I bought one directly from cable mod so ignore the photo this isn’t to mislead anyone. But you have been informed here.Overall happy with my purchase. But again for $220 from amazon new even if you have to buy a separate 4090 cable from cable mod it’s still good value in my opinion based on the quality unit you get plus the cables. I was consider getting the MSI 1300 new atx standard psu but it was 360 and I just didn’t need that extra juice so for the price and the oled screen I think you can’t go wrong. If you need a psu get this one it should last.Only concerns I have are the warranty not sure how good Asus is but considering this is a solid unit made by Seasonic I feel like it’s going to last what it’s rated for.

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  2. M. Matthew George

    I got this for the bling. I’m not going to hide it. But I got it at $180. So I think it’s also a great deal on a platinum PSU. It’s a Seasonic upgraded by ASUS. So, an EVGA would also have worked. But now, I have an entire ASUS. gaming PC. Only the CPU and case are different. Ok, the memory too. I’m not aware of any ASUS memory. The performance is amazing.. I can’t even hear the fan.

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  3. Blake Ray Ledermn

    It’s pretty clear that ASUS subs out their power supplies to Sea Sonic. I’m a big Sea Sonic fan and have purchased power supplies from then over the last 12 years or more. These are excellent power supplies, and this supply is really nice. I love the real-time power/watt usage display and the RGB is cool too (but that’s not the reason to buy it!). About the only complain I have is the ARGB plug is on the left side of the modular plugs, so as normally mounted you need to route the ARGB cable across the cables you have plugged in.I picked this up for $220 shipped around the holidays / December 2022. I wouldn’t pull the trigger on the normal price. It is a solid supply and the cable set it comes with is really nice. Oh, mine did come with the new 4090 power cable. You can request it as others have mentioned if you didn’t get it and it will be sent free to you by ASUS from what I understand. The 12VHPWR supplied cable as supplied is not braided.

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