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Gunnar Intercept - Premium Gaming and Computer Glasses.

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About this Item
  • Digital User Comfort- These gaming glasses give you a full day of comfortable screen viewing and reduce digital eye strain.

  • Frame Color- Premium look and feel with onyx frame color

  • Lens Color- Amber Max protection and improved sleep for nighttime screen use

  • Frame Material- The frame features a polymer material for durability

  • UV Protection- GUNNAR's 100% UV Protection coating also shields the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays

  • Anti-Reflective- Anti-reflective lens coatings on front and back of lens

  • Package Components- Blue light glasses, microfiber pouch, cleaning cloth


Product Information





Model Name

Amber Max Blue Light Glasses – Intercept

Model Number


Frame Material



Anti-reflective coating, Blue light reduction, Ultraviolet (UV) light protection

Product Dimensions

5.59, 3.75, 1.83 in


0.3 lbs

Product Review

9.9Expert Score
Gunnar Intercept - Premium Gaming and Computer Glasses: Expert Review
Agency approved. Retro classic frame fused with futuristic technology, INTERCEPT completes the line between style and science. An ergonomically balanced frame supports precision optics. Polished logo plates create low-key accents subtle enough for any undercover recruit.
Ease of Use
General Appreciation
  • Sturdy, well-made frames.
  • Lenses are coated to protect against scratches and smears.
  • Supports prescriptions.
  • Tint changes reliably.
  • Only available in darker Amber tint; no lighter Crystalline or Liquet tints available.

Product Description



Enhance performance and protect your eyes with help from GUNNAR’s patented lens technology, engineered to reduce the symptoms of digital and block harmful blue light. Founded in 2006, GUNNAR is the pioneer of blue light glasses and #1 in gaming, which means your eyes couldn’t be in safer hands. With a wide range of design styles, blue light lens tint options and focusing powers, GUNNAR has glasses for everyone including computer users, gamers, kids and teens and people that need readers.

GUNNAR glasses are engineered to:

  • Reduce Digital Eye Strain
  • Combat Headaches
  • Mitigate Dry Eyes
  • Enhance Focus
  • Minimize Glare
  • Block Blue Light

Lens Tint

GUNNAR glasses filter blue light and blocks UV to enhance contrast and protect eyes. The filtered spectrum replicates natural light, minimizing eye strain.

Lens Design

GUNNAR glasses limit air currents near the eyes, increasing humidity and preventing irritation. The patented optical design enhances focus and sharpens detail to ease eye strain.

Lens Material

GUNNAR glasses eliminate distortion from impurities and haze found in inferior materials to ensure the clearest image possible. The ultralight yet durable, performance optics will not degrade over time.

Lens Coating

GUNNAR glasses reduce glare and reflective light to eliminate visual distraction and stress. An external hard coat provides extended lens durability resisting scratches.

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  1. MoreDucks

    They’re Worth It. I wanted Gunnar Optiks because I spend 8 hrs + at a computer for work, and then go home to game. Changing my screen options and contrast colors were just giving me the results I wanted. After comparing prices, reviews, and product descriptions of other glasses, I chose these over products like them simply because of the positive reviews as well as the name brand. I have a few friends who’ve bought Gunnar Optiks products and they adamantly recommend them.I officially love them too! These glasses have not only reduced my eye strain from computer work, but I’ve noticed that I sleep so much better after I wear them. Everybody at my work loves them and agrees that they’re a huge help to the eyes. Plus, they look cool. I’m not a glasses type person. I’m extremely picky when I buy sunglasses, and I love the way these look on my face.Product Description: These Gunnar Optiks Intercept glasses came in a white, cloth-type bag for cleaning and storing purposes. The bag got dirty within the first day of use, so be mindful of where you put it. My dog decided to eat the bag anyway, so I pitched it and bought a simple glasses-cleaning cloth. These plastic rim glasses have a yellow tint with a slight magnification that is noticeable when you first put them on. The lenses of the glasses are extremely easy to smudge, however they are pretty scratch resistant (Knock On Wood!). I have dropped these glasses on multiple surfaces like concrete, wood, and carpet. I have also accidentally left them in my car in 80 degree weather. So far, so good. These glasses are pretty tough. The lenses are big enough to wear over smaller, square wire-frames so if you have glasses for vision you can still wear these over them. My boyfriend does so when he steals these to wear while playing xbox. A good buy for the price I paid!Conclusion: Definitely worth the money.

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  2. syntaxactics

    Reduce eye-strain and staring-at-computer headaches by at least 80%. About me: I wear soft contact lenses. I often spend more than ten hours at the computer in one day, and am prone to headaches. I am slightly prone to dry eyes. I got these glasses because I had frequent, severe eye strain-induced headaches.Sizing: I wear a woman’s large hat. One-size-fits-all hats are invariably too small for me. These glasses fit me, but they’d be too tight if my head were any bigger.Smearing: Before I bought these, I read some reviews that said they smeared easily. I have found they smear exactly the same amount as my prescription glasses or sunglasses. Just have a cloth to wipe them off and maybe some spray, and you’ll be fine.Case: These do not come with a hard case. I believe the company allows you to buy one, but I just bought a sunglasses case from TJ Maxx, which fits them perfectly.Quality: These are NOT cheap-feeling glasses. They are fairly sturdy, have a matte finish that doesn’t get sweaty or sticky, and don’t creak. I expect them to last for years.Functionality: When I wear these for long periods of time while using the computer, my headaches are reduced by at least 80%, especially those caused by eyestrain. Sometimes, I sit at my computer and forget to put them on until I realize I’m squinting (which I no idea I did!) and blinking to keep my eyes from drying out. Then I remember I have these, put them on, and — immediately, I stop squinting and have less problems with dryness. They aren’t magic — staring at a screen for ten hours is never going to be good for you — but they make an enormous difference.Price: I agonized over whether to get these because of the price. I figured I’d buy them and, if they didn’t work, try to resell them. Well, they were worth the money, they really were. If I lost them, I would immediately buy another pair.Appearance: Yes, I do look dorky wearing them. You can’t really see from the picture how silly they look. But the shape is clearly necessary for functionality, and you (and those around you) get used to it.Other uses: I’ve begun using these for watching television also, when my eyes are feeling bad. I find they help there, too.

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  3. kyle

    Enhance comfort and eye protection. These glasses not only provide exceptional eye protection but also enhance overall visual comfort. The specialized lenses effectively block harmful blue light, reducing eye strain and fatigue during extended screen time. The build quality is excellent, and the lightweight frame ensures a comfortable fit even during long gaming sessions. The glasses also come with a stylish design that adds a touch of flair. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in eye strain and headaches since using these glasses, making them a worthy investment for anyone who spends extended periods in front of screens. Gunnar Premium Gaming Glasses are a must-have accessory for gamers and computer users looking to prioritize eye health and comfort.

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