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Loupedeck Live – The Custom Console for Live Streaming, Photo and Video Editing

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  • NATIVE INTEGRATIONS: OBS Studio, Streamlabs (WINDOWS), Twitch, Ecamm, vMix, Spotify, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photoshop with Camera Raw, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Capture One Pro 21 (MacOS), Illustrator, Audition and Final Cut Pro - each include ready-made profiles to make getting started easy!
  • WORKS WITH ANY SOFTWARE: Create Custom Profiles for any software using shortcuts and macros. Assign your own actions and adjustments to all the buttons and dials!
  • POWERFUL CUSTOMIZATION SOFTWARE: Create unlimited pages of controls for Touch Buttons and Dials, assign actions according to your needs and organize them into workspaces. Expand the functionality with Custom Actions — create complex macros, combine commands, add delays and upload your own icons.
  • PREMIUM BUILD AND ENHANCED TACTILE CONTROL: Loupedeck Live features a compact aluminium build body, with haptic analog dials, customizable buttons, LED backlighting, and more. Loupedeck’s aluminium dials give you haptic feedback on incremental changes.
  • CONTROL YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM: Simultaneously control your OS while live-streaming or editing — control Spotify media, adjust volume, screen brightness, launch any app, open folders or web pages fast and so much more!


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‎5.91 x 4.33 x 1.18 inches


‎8.1 ounces

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8.9Expert Score
Loupedeck Live – The Custom Console for Live Streaming, Photo and Video Editing: Expert Review
Achieve total freedom for content creation and live streaming with Loupedeck LIVE! Loupedeck LIVE covers all grounds by allowing instant creation, editing and streaming right at your fingertips. And all this comes with speed, accuracy and authority. So, if you are a content creator or a live streamer LOUDPECK LIVE brings limitless possibilities.
General Appreciation
Quality of material
Touch Screen
Value for money
Easy to use
Tech Support
  • Includes touch controls and dials
  • Very configurable
  • Includes several premade profiles
  • Small footprint
  • USB-C connection
  • Works with macOS and Windows 10
  • OBS support for Windows systems only

Product Description


Truly elevate your creative standards!
Streamline while you Streamlive: Loupedeck LIVE brings to you WORKSPACES that allow you to group your tools, functions, apps, macros, and more for instant and easy access.
Native compatibility: With Loupedeck LIVE you get to experience a variety of deep, native integrations to leading creative software and unlock time-saving features.
Precision Editing: Thanks to Loupedeck LIVE’s tactile controls you can apply functions with a quick tap of a haptic, touch button. Therefore, you can make precision edits and adjustments on the fly. On top of that, all controls are backlit, perfect for low-lit environments.
Everything in one place: LOUDPECK LIVE’s Dynamic layout ensures you can seamlessly create across various software and switch between tools and functions all from one consistent user interface.
Built to last: LOUDPECK LIVE is compact with a premium finish, and offers haptic analog dials, customizable buttons, LED backlighting, and more providing consistent, reliable support for content creation and streaming.

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3 reviews for Loupedeck Live – The Custom Console for Live Streaming, Photo and Video Editing

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  1. Ryan Burris

    Very Useful product but takes a minute to learn. Pros:-Build Quality-Portable-Many Different API available right out of the box. (No need to pay for extra API integration anymore you get all for free so disregard the other bad review)-Useful for all types of content creation-Integration for internet browsers and Windows functionsCons:-Software is not very user friendly (not awful but could use some work)-Different profiles load automatically so you need to lock the ones you need.Build quality is nice, the tactile feedback in the touch screen buttons is great. Overall layout is fantastic. Software could be a little more user-friendly but I understand its difficult due to how much the loupedeck can do. Customization for buttons etc has a long way to go. Nothing I really hate about it however for the twitch and Spotify integration I had to login to my account in two different locations which is strange. In the profile and the software. The price point is more expensive than the competition (streamdeck) but I feel the loupedeck offers more functionality specially now that all the api integration with come with it for ever. Api integration of many creative apps. As a streamer its import to make content on many platforms. I love the dial knobs that are a perfect fit to control audio (just wish there was a way to create virtual audio inputs for better mapping)Needs More customization of the screens. Let us use gifs, animations etc. The ability to have one big picture cover all the buttons at once. Different icons etc. Either the integration for windows to control any audio source or simply a way to add virtual audio inputs to route to specific applications would make the loupedeck shine above the competition (streamdeck)

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  2. Michael Feyrer

    Live Streaming Game Changer. I have used other live streaming tools similar to Loupedeck like the Elgato Streamdeck, and I would pick the Loupedeck live every time!When you first plug in your Loupedeck live and install the software it is a bit on the difficult side to work through. This could be because I am so use to using products specifically dedicated to live streaming, So the learning curve is a bit steeper. It could also be that I’m just a bit slow.The Loupedeck live comes pre-loaded with profiles shortcuts for your OS and for the Adobe suite of editing products. So as soon as you plug it in you can start using it for that.Once you place some buttons and configure your live streams you will wonder how you ever lived without this thing. All you have to do is get past the setup curve and I can promise you this thing is amazing! I was easily able to use if on my Windows machine and my Mac as well.The build quality is second to none. The rotational dials have a really satisfying feel. Everything just feels solid. The haptic feedback settings allow you to configure them so you always know when a button is pressed as well.Overall I can’t say enough about the Loupedeck Live. The hardware is amazing, the multi-function support is awesome, and if you run a complex live stream it is a lifesaver! You can just focus on the audience instead of running the stream. That’s the true benefit to a piece of equipment like the Loupedeck Live!

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  3. Michael Feyrer

    Loupedeck Live – Elevating Creativity and Efficiency. The Loupedeck Live has become an essential tool in my creative workflow in Adobe Premier Pro, Lightroom and Photoshop, revolutionizing the way I work and boosting my efficiency like never before. This versatile device deserves a resounding five-star review for its incredible functionality and seamless integration with my favorite software.First and foremost, the build quality of the Loupedeck Live is outstanding. It feels solid and well-crafted, providing a comfortable and tactile experience during use. The sleek design and intuitive layout of buttons, dials, and sliders make it a joy to interact with, whether I’m editing photos, videos, or working on other creative projects.The real magic of the Loupedeck Live lies in its customization capabilities. With the Loupedeck software, I can easily map and assign functions to each button, dial, and slider based on my specific needs and preferences. This level of personalization allows me to create a tailored setup that perfectly aligns with my workflow, saving me valuable time and effort.The integration of the Loupedeck Live with various creative applications is seamless. It supports popular software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and many others. Having instant access to commonly used tools and functions at my fingertips eliminates the need for keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks, resulting in a more streamlined and fluid editing experience.The responsiveness of the controls on the Loupedeck Live is impressive. The buttons have a satisfying tactile feedback, and the dials and sliders provide precise adjustments, allowing for fine-tuned control over various parameters. It enhances my ability to make quick and accurate edits, leading to a more refined and polished final product.Another standout feature of the Loupedeck Live is the inclusion of customizable profiles. This allows me to create different profiles for different software or projects, further enhancing the device’s versatility. Switching between profiles is a breeze, and it enables me to seamlessly transition between different creative tasks without missing a beat.Finally, the support and regular updates from the Loupedeck team are commendable. They actively listen to user feedback and continuously improve the device’s performance and compatibility through firmware updates and software enhancements. It’s reassuring to know that the Loupedeck Live is backed by a company dedicated to providing an exceptional user experience.In conclusion, the Loupedeck Live has become an invaluable tool in my creative arsenal. Its exceptional build quality, customization options, seamless integration with software, and responsive controls have elevated both my productivity and creativity. If you’re a photographer, videographer, or any creative professional seeking to optimize your workflow, the Loupedeck Live is an absolute game-changer. It’s a worthy investment that will undoubtedly enhance your editing experience.

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