The Best Gaming Headsets for a better gaming experience in 2022

Gaming headsets are a great way to enjoy your gaming experience. The right headset can make you feel like you’re actually in the game. Here are some of the best gaming headsets on the market today:

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Dynamic noise cancelling microphone
  • Adjustable, padded headband and ear cups
  • Detachable mic

SteelSeries Arctis 7

The Arctis 7 is a great choice for those who want their gaming headset to be both wireless and surround sound. It has the standard two 3.5 mm audio jacks that are usually included with most PC headsets, but it also has a USB adapter that can be used to connect to your computer—and it’ll work just fine as long as you have a USB port!

The audio quality on this headset is great, with crystal clear highs that are balanced well with deep bass tones. The microphone isn’t bad either: your voice will come through loud and clear in game chat rooms so everyone can hear you clearly, even if they aren’t wearing headphones themselves (though we recommend everyone does).

Razer ManO’War 7.1 Chroma

The Razer ManO’War 7.1 Chroma is a true gaming headset with an emphasis on comfort, precision audio, and RGB lighting. These cans have a flexible headband at the top with additional padding to keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions. It comes with over-the-ear cups that fit snugly around your ears to block out outside noise and reduce ambient noise from leaking into your mic when talking to teammates. Plus, it has an adjustable microphone so you can position it exactly where you want it depending on what kind of game you’re playing or who you’re playing with.

The ManO’War features 7.1 surround sound for a more immersive experience when playing games or watching movies—and because this device supports DTS Headphone:X 2nd Generation technology (known as HRTF), audio will appear exactly as intended in any given situation based on where sounds originate in 3D space around you; whether they’re coming from behind, above or below makes all the difference! The headset also includes EQ settings that allow users to customize their listening experience based on personal preferences without having to leave their chair!

Creative Sound BlasterX H6

The Creative Sound BlasterX H6 is a great choice for gamers with a modest budget. It has a good price and a really nice microphone, but it’s also got good sound quality, so you’ll be able to hear some subtle details in the background that others might miss.

It’s comfortable to wear too. There are two headphone pads included (both velour), plus an optional memory foam pad that can be purchased separately—all of which fit snugly around your ears without pinching or pulling at them after long periods of use.

Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless

The Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless is an excellent choice for gamers who want to be free of wires. It comes with 7.1 surround sound and a wireless transmitter that allows you to use it in any room or setup you want.

The cushions on this headset are comfortable and durable, making them great for extended gaming sessions or listening to music all day long (which you can do because the Void Pro’s USB dongle allows you to plug your phone into it).

Sennheiser GSP 302

Sennheiser’s GSP 302 is a wireless headset that’s ready to go right out of the box. It uses Dolby Surround Sound 7.1 technology to create an immersive experience, and its easy-to-use controls make it simple to switch from game mode to music mode. It also has a USB charging port for longer gaming sessions without having to worry about batteries running out.

A gaming headset can make your gameplay more immersive, enjoyable, and fun

A gaming headset can make your gameplay more immersive, enjoyable, and fun. The best gaming headset will help you hear things that you never heard before. They can also help you hear things that are far away and even things that are not supposed to be there.

For example, if your game has a lot of background noises such as birds chirping or people walking on a stone path, then a good gaming headset would allow those sounds to come through clear and loud so that it feels like you are actually there in the game world.


There are so many awesome headsets out there and we can’t wait to keep on testing them. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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