The Best Gaming Headsets for a better gaming experience in 2022

Gaming headsets are a great way to enjoy your gaming experience. The right headset can make you feel like you’re actually in the game. Here are some of the best gaming headsets on the market today:

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Dynamic noise cancelling microphone
  • Adjustable, padded headband and ear cups
  • Detachable mic

SteelSeries Arctis 7

The Arctis 7 is a great choice for those who want their gaming headset to be both wireless and surround sound. It has the standard two 3.5 mm audio jacks that are usually included with most PC headsets, but it also has a USB adapter that can be used to connect to your computer—and it’ll work just fine as long as you have a USB port!

The audio quality on this headset is great, with crystal clear highs that are balanced well with deep bass tones. The microphone isn’t bad either: your voice will come through loud and clear in game chat rooms so everyone can hear you clearly, even if they aren’t wearing headphones themselves (though we recommend everyone does).

Razer ManO’War 7.1 Chroma

The Razer ManO’War 7.1 Chroma is a true gaming headset with an emphasis on comfort, precision audio, and RGB lighting. These cans have a flexible headband at the top with additional padding to keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions. It comes with over-the-ear cups that fit snugly around your ears to block out outside noise and reduce ambient noise from leaking into your mic when talking to teammates. Plus, it has an adjustable microphone so you can position it exactly where you want it depending on what kind of game you’re playing or who you’re playing with.

The ManO’War features 7.1 surround sound for a more immersive experience when playing games or watching movies—and because this device supports DTS Headphone:X 2nd Generation technology (known as HRTF), audio will appear exactly as intended in any given situation based on where sounds originate in 3D space around you; whether they’re coming from behind, above or below makes all the difference! The headset also includes EQ settings that allow users to customize their listening experience based on personal preferences without having to leave their chair!

Creative Sound BlasterX H6

The Creative Sound BlasterX H6 is a great choice for gamers with a modest budget. It has a good price and a really nice microphone, but it’s also got good sound quality, so you’ll be able to hear some subtle details in the background that others might miss.

It’s comfortable to wear too. There are two headphone pads included (both velour), plus an optional memory foam pad that can be purchased separately—all of which fit snugly around your ears without pinching or pulling at them after long periods of use.

Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless

The Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless is an excellent choice for gamers who want to be free of wires. It comes with 7.1 surround sound and a wireless transmitter that allows you to use it in any room or setup you want.

The cushions on this headset are comfortable and durable, making them great for extended gaming sessions or listening to music all day long (which you can do because the Void Pro’s USB dongle allows you to plug your phone into it).

Sennheiser GSP 302

Sennheiser’s GSP 302 is a wireless headset that’s ready to go right out of the box. It uses Dolby Surround Sound 7.1 technology to create an immersive experience, and its easy-to-use controls make it simple to switch from game mode to music mode. It also has a USB charging port for longer gaming sessions without having to worry about batteries running out.

A gaming headset can make your gameplay more immersive, enjoyable, and fun

A gaming headset can make your gameplay more immersive, enjoyable, and fun. The best gaming headset will help you hear things that you never heard before. They can also help you hear things that are far away and even things that are not supposed to be there.

For example, if your game has a lot of background noises such as birds chirping or people walking on a stone path, then a good gaming headset would allow those sounds to come through clear and loud so that it feels like you are actually there in the game world.


There are so many awesome headsets out there and we can’t wait to keep on testing them. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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    Matthew D. Stevens July 19, 2017 at 12:00 am

    Headset delivered was not the item shown on the page. Images show lights on the cans and microphone tip. Product received has neither. Build quality is decent for Razer products. Chunky plastic with no sharp (cutting) edges to worry about. The 7.1 surround sound worked well with games that supported it. Being able to hear an enemy behind me is a great asset.Memory foam pads are very comfy but do cause pressure after 2-3 hours due to my glasses. I have ordered the oval pads from the Razer site to fix this issue. The cups get a tad warm at first but start to cool after a short time.Microphone is very short. At maximum length it barely passes the corner of my mouth. The software it downloads when you plug it in helps a lot. Recording quality is really good when it wants to be. It took me about 45 minutes of fiddling with the software to get it to an appropriate level of clarity and stability. Going to get some foam for the tip to reduce pop.Overall, these are a decent intro to gaming headphones as there are many better options out there but not at this price.

  2. Great sound but terrible headband construction. This is especially because the headband has three parts instead of one: outer plastic band, thin foam pad in the middle, and another plastic band, all sitting supposedly flat-ish across your dome. This is worsened by the articulating ear cups.My family member bought this one and highly recommended it (the reason I bought it). Though after a year the cheap plastic parts of the headband broke and now it’s hacked together (because it’s now passed the warranty period).For me, it was an instant return. The articulating ear cups make it so you can pull them off, put the around your neck, and the cups rotate to be flat on your chest. This is a terrible design because the rotating ear cups cause the headband to rotate away from flat (become pitched) against my head. The result is the front outer plastic part of the headband would always dig into my head. Maybe it’s my somewhat two-humped camel-shaped head. Or just bad design. Either way it was sofiscomfortable that I couldn’t use them for more than an few hour.I replaced them with the Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2 (with single, solid, steel-banded, foam-lined headband) and have thoroughly enjoyed using them for the last 9 months. The only trade off is that the ManO’War 7.1 had inline controls and an aux connection (with USB adapter), whereas the Kraken only has USB with no inline controls. Overall the trade off is worth it though as I only use the on the PC for gaming.

  3. I was in the market for a sub-$100 headset, and of course, there were lots and lots of choices. Overwhelming doesn’t begin to cover it. What made Creative stick out was, well, one, I legitimately forgot the company existed, even though I vaguely remember having earbuds from them over a decade ago (they still make headsets, and their legendary PCI-E soundcards by the way). Second, I loved the design of the simple totally-not-flashy SoundblasterX H6 and the rather tasteful amount of RGB on the headset, in the form of circular rings on the cans.I immediately hit the Checkout button.The headset came in and there was absolutely no fuss opening the package. The box is nice but hey, just a box. First impression, the size was a tad intimidating which lent the idea of having weight, but of course my head is a bit on the larger side and I have rather large ears too. Good compromise I thought. Grabbed them, and WOW they weren’t actually heavy! Putting on my head was a big surprise too. The clamp force when they envelop your head isn’t frustratingly tight at all, maybe even just a tad light, making good on Creative’s own claim of a reasonable clamp force. Immediately fell in love with the headset because it fit and they feel great to wear, no exhaustion or fatigue around the ear area for prolonged periods of wear. The mesh on the headband and the ear cups is very comfortable too, not a big fan of leather. Only downside is well, being a mesh, the cans will catch particles and dust, so cleaning them once in a while will be a thing, but hey, the headset is worth taking care of. My room isn’t very dust heavy either, and I normally don’t eat at my desk, so ehhhh not a big problem for me. Height-adjusting the headset isn’t an issue, the metal band inside has grooves so you can evenly level the cans, nor are the adjustments prone to coming undone when you take off the headset or move it around and such. When you set the cans, they stay in place with a reasonable amount of strength.No problems connecting either. The headset comes with a USB connection and a 3.5mm jack. The manual states you can download the software that powers the headset and the necessary drivers through the support page. Had no issues finding. I just want to say though, that the software is *NOT REQUIRED* to use the headset, only if you want to utilize extra features like more granular equalizer settings, the millions of RGB colors and different cycles (without the software running, the headset RGB will default to Red when plugged in via USB), and the software’s noise suppression and echo cancellation features for the microphone and such. The headset has three built-in EQ modes with a push of a button on the frontside of the left ear can. Gaming, Movies, and Music. I find the Gaming preset to be very sufficient for everyday use: not too much bass but enough for some oomph and not an excessive amount of Treble. Like it shows on the product’s website page, the headset also has a Monitor button to let outside noise into the headphones by magnifying the audio. Cool little feature but I don’t use it much. Plugging in with jack is, well, just good I guess. My computer has Dolby Digital Plus included and the headset pairs up nicely it, though I’ve come to prefer plugging in via USB. Sounds much louder and cleaner for me.The Microphone is connected into the left headphone via gold 3.5mm jack and does a very good job at picking up my voice and isolating unwanted noise. It’s a swivel mic too, so you bend it and adjust it however you want, just don’t overdo it haha. When I first plugged in the headset with USB, the mic volume was preset to 85%. I thought that was a lot but after using Discord and other things, it’s a good setting for everyday use, though everyone will have their preferences and make their own necessary adjustments. The mic mute button is cool too, a good mute-all solution instead of having to go into all your applications running to mute your voice. A little LED will light up red when mic-mute is turned on.Now for all you wondering how well this headset does with the Discord chat application. It works wonderfully, aside from having a slightly annoying bug that has very minimal impact…if you don’t use the headset software (which honestly I don’t find TOO compelling but to each their own). When you turn on Echo Cancellation (or was it Smart Volume?) in the headset software and also use Discord’s own EC and Noise Suppression features, when your friends speak, they’ll get terrible echo of their own voice. Buuuut I find that Discord’s EC and NS solutions work just fine without the headset software’s own. Just be sure to select the Headset and Mic in Discord’s Voice and Video settings section instead of the ‘default device’ selections.Overall, is this headset worth the asking price of $80? Yes, it definitely is, and you won’t be disappointed. If you see it with a discount, for the love of all that is holy, jump on this bad boy.

  4. I had just recently torn up my Creative Fatality headset from eons past and decided to upgrade. The Creative Sound Blaster H6 boasted some great capabilities, and so far I have enjoyed them immensely… When they work.OVERALL: I am still holding out hope for the headset because of its amazing sound quality, but it will likely take a LOT of work for this to be used as intended. Best I can give it is 3 stars, and that is generous. (See update)Sorry Creative, but this one disappointed me.1 Month update: Volume wheel is also software dependent. It seems that if there is ANY software / game or otherwise that utilizes the headset in a certain way, (Mind you I have the “exclusive control” settings disabled) , then the headset software takes a back seat and simply acts as speakers. Nearly blew out my eardrums starting new programs because I couldn’t lower the volume, let alone mute it via the headset. Having to forcibly rip out the micro usb to turn the sound down is utterly ridiculous. (no keyboard macro / shortcut unfortunately)Oh and the mic issues? Seems I have to restart discord a few times before the mic works. The mute mic button mutes ALL sound, not just the mic.1 YEAR UPDATE:Mic problems have never been fixed. I have tried so many things that have temporarily fixed it for maybe a week at a time. The headset seems to want to turn off the microphone at the most random of times and it makes it impossible to use effectively. I will never buy this nor its successor headsets again. I had hopes…Pros:Heavy Construction – Sturdy metal and plastic housing with soft cups for the ears make this one of the better made headsets I have owned. The cups themselves come off and seem to be replaceable after some use.Great Cables – Dense, heavyweight wires that do not twist or bend easily. Probably a 6 month cord under insane wear (chair wheels), but with care they might outlast the headset.Clear depth of Sound – 7.1 Surround is available via USB and 3.5 jack. No tinniness and I have not heard the speakers crackle once. Lower notes are accented very well and have a richness to them, while the higher sounds are clear and distinguishable. I have noticed more nuanced and discreet sounds in music that I have listened to for years than ever before.Decently clear MicrophoneReliable on 3.5 audio jackAmbient Monitoring – The setting that allows the user to hear their surroundings while the headset it on. Just turn it off if you do not like it. Many people seem to complain about it without realizing it is a togglable feature.Cons: (USB)The software is clean, but utterly garbage. The mic settings actually obscure / muffle your voice and lead to echos.The software seems to have issues sharing use of the headset with other programs, leading to dead mics / audio when changing (alt+tab) between programs and starting programs like Skype / Discord.I have had less issues since I disabled “Sound Blaster Connect 2” completely. (The RGB capabilities were novelty, but I needed a headset)Even when I had the program running, my headset buttons failed to work as expected. Mic mute button mutes all sound through the speakers as well. Ambient Monitoring would get stuck on, but that did not bother me too much.TLDR: Mic stops working after a few minutes. Only works when you reconnect the headset. Software is bugged and doesnt work as intended with communications programs, often feeding sound back into the mic and giving awful reverb. Not worth the hassle. Half tempted to throw it out.

  5. I will just make a simple Pro/Con list.But first, a notice. The noise cancelling of this set is too damn good lol. Not sure if that is bad or good for anybody, so I figured I would get it out here. NO, they are not a replacement for a full-blown “Noise Cancelling Headset” that you might use if you have sensitive ears or meditate or whatever. But it is good enough that I can only BARELY hear anything around me. Kinda weird at first.Pros:-Microphone quality is perfect for the price-point. Nice and crisp, and I do not have to speak too loudly to be heard, BUT it does NOT…I repeat, it DOES NOT, pick up audio from the background (by that I mean somebody would have to be basically shouting next to you to be heard)- Padding on the headband is peachy. I barely notice it is there because it is so soft.- Not a very heavy headset. It feels sturdy and dependable, but is also oddly flexable.- Ear cuffs are strange. Very soft, and I don’t sweat with them on.- The volume dial is on the right ear cuff, on the outside as a very smooth dial. Trust me when I say this, the volume is SUPER LOUD. I have the dial turned all the way down, and it is the perfect volume to listen to my music while I play a game, or for when I want to watch a movie.- It comes with an adapter, so you can use this headset with a device that only has the basic 3.5 MM audio jack, like your smart phone devices, or tablet…As another neutral note, the audio gets ridiculously loud if you turn the dial up all the way, so always make sure to turn the dial all the way down before you play anything through this headset. Accidently bumped the dial when I went to bed, and the next time I put them on it scared the crap out of me and kinda hurt the ears, so be warned.—Cons:-The audio quality is absolutely horrible if you turn the volume up even a bit. I hardly ever have to turn my volume up with this headset, but when I do the audio starts making the speakers start that “spitting” noise, no matter what I am listening to, and no matter the device. In my head, an 80 dollar headset should NEVER do that. On a personal level, I never need to turn the audio up to that point, so for ME, it is a non-problem but I figured it might be a problem for other people. BUT, if you keep the volume at an acceptable level (aka human hearing levels, HA) the audio quality is very nice. Not too “bassy” and not too high pitched.- The microphone sticks out a bit in the “upward/off” position, scared me more than once while going to put my hands behind my head to stretch, or even to pull my hair back a bit (I have pretty long hair)- Speaking of long hair…might just be me with me with my “Shirley Temple Curls” lol, but this headset always seems to pull out one or two hairs along the part where the headband connects with the ear cuffs. That is just a risk with allheadsets though, so I just mention it. Nothing to do with the rating.– Bit of a personal negative…no braided fiber cover for the cord. Just standard rubber or whatever, and it feels like it is going to peel away faster than it should. That is just me. Though as before, for 80 dollars, I feel it should have a braided fiber cord.-And finally, the biggest turn-off…there is nothing to download. The headset just simply…is. There is no audio tuning tool, or equalizer, or drivers of any kind. So I suppose it is a BIT positive, because it is just plug-and-play, but AGAIN, FOR 80 DOLLARS…is an equalizer too much to ask?So all together, I feel this is a good product. If you want a good microphone, and a comfortable wear…buy this.However, I will never be buying this particular headset. For what you get, 80 dollars is too much to ask.Sennheiser makes great products, but this price-point to quality ratio is not adding up.I have bought 50 dollar headsets, that lasted me 4 years…that one had a very quality soundcard built in that allowed you to change the volume, and adjust the 7.1 audio, change the balance from side to side and back to front, let you hook up a blu tooth set to it, and had ports on the sound card that let you actually hook up a real sound system to it. AND it had an audio suite (eq, voice changer, mic audio range choices, audio quality changes…literally anything you could possibly need). Roccat Kave XTD is the headset, if you were curious. Best headset ever. Just wanted to try something new here.

  6. I want to preface this by saying I literally just got these, delivered 30 minutes ago, and these are my first impressions. I WILL update over time. I looked at reviews for these and were discouraged by the negative reviews. QC is obviously a little lackluster, and I sat on the decision to purchase these for months. Impulsively, I pulled the trigger for these and I hope I got the good stuff, not the;dr (will also update this): They sound decent, would be excellent after EQ tinkering. Microphone’s hot trash, super quiet to my friends, with a constant beeping (not sure why, but it is an occurrence). They’re super comfortable. I don’t feel them on my head, but when I do, they feel like clouds. Clamp force, “quiet.” They don’t clamp hard, just enough to stay on my head, and not enough to make my ears and head hurt from my glasses pressing into my head. Dials on headset are very sensitive.UPDATE: Upon tinkering, the microphone works! My friends said it sounded crisp, although a little fuzzy, too. It’s very directional, which makes putting the mic in the right spot really difficult. The ski band, after proper adjustment, holds the headset on my head well, no changes there. EQ tuning made this thing sound amazing, with no harshness, and clear sound all around. All in all, my opinion hasn’t changed, and the review still holds merit, and my recommendation of this set.Right out the gate, unboxing experience is really nice, but not “premium” feeling. I don’t really care about this, just figured it should be known to some with pedantics about this kind of situation.Table of Contents (this is a much longer review than I expected)1. First impressions2. Clamp force and fit3. Comfort4. Materials, durability5. Sound Quality6. Microphone7. The Et CeteraFirst Impressions – These headphones are literal plug and play. Before opening the manual (I didn’t even pull it out of the plastic wrapping), I plugged in the transmitter, and the drivers were downloaded and implemented right away. I simply clicked the power button on the headphones at first, but having no reaction, I simply held the button and right away, the headphones were connected. And in under 3 minutes, I was using these headphones. That’s really impressive.Clamp force and fit – I have glasses, and headphones hurt me in the long run. And the super nice thing about these headphones right away, is the clamp force. Not too much, not too little. They come off if I violently shake my head (but who does that, anyways), but I can look down, look up, or whatever else without these coming off. They do shift a little, but I didn’t adjust these to fit me perfectly, and I probably won’t. They sit really nice. Back to the clamp force. It’s really loose, in a good way. They have enough force to stay in place, but not enough to put pressure on my head with my glasses.Comfort – Right away, these are super comfortable. They’re not light, but they’re not heavy. I find myself already forgetting these are on my head, despite my excitement about these. The ear cups are really soft and porous, they literally feel like marshmallows or clouds. I don’t feel much on or around my ears, but when I do, they’re very very soft. If I could describe a physical contact interaction with an abstract adjective, “quiet” would be perfect.Materials, durability – I just got these, so I can’t say much here. They feel solid, despite the plastic construct. The ear cups, as aforementioned earlier, are soft, and they feel like premium cloth(?). They feel great on my head and in my hands. A little concerned about the hinge connecting the cans to the headband, but we will see. Again, all speculation as of now, but I will be updating this review.Sound quality – Really good, but not great out of the box. They sound balanced, with highs, mids, and lows all in play. A little more bass could be nice, but I’m sure I can adjust that, I do read about EQ’s a lot. Sometimes the highs feel a little harsh, which, again, probably adjustable. At 100% on both PC and these headphones, these are loud. Not extremely so, but loud enough for me to want to turn the headphones down before I lose more of my hearing. At max volume, everything sounds just as they do at 50%. At low, you start losing a lot of the sounds, and they start blending (but who cranks headphones super low). All in all, pretty grandeur. (Note in update with adjusted sound)The ETC.-The volume dials feel super sensitive, but they’re surprisingly not. Deliberate touch will move the dials and nothing else-There’s also a “chat mix” dial. Super awesome. To think there’s a dial that can replace me tinkering with the volume mixer on pc, or adjusting everyone’s volumes in discord, is mindblowing, and very much a convenience I wholeheartedly accept.

  7. I’ve had them for about a year now and have had little to no issues. No one has ever had an issue with my mic and I’ve never had an issue with sound. A lot of people say that theirs weren’t durable, but again I’ve had mine for awhile, naturally I’ve accidentally dropped them a few times, tossed them sometimes and theyve been fine, no cracking or breaking. My only issue is how big they are. My head I think is about average and these are definitely big for me even shorted as much as possible. It’s not a huge detriment but they can slide a bit if I’m moving my head around too fast.

  8. Reply
    Aaron Anthony Willhite December 31, 2021 at 12:00 am

    We have all had really terrible headset mics. Either the headset itself is uncomfortable, tinny, or breaks if you look at it funny, or the mic has you sounding like a WW2 dispatch officer. This is not those headphones.If you call yourself an audiophile, or need something with studio quality noise, I do not recommend this, and for that it loses a star in sound quality. Its certainly far from awful, and frankly I feel most people will experience nothing but good things coming from this headset. You should NOT be expecting audiophile quality at this price point, so this is not why I chose 4 out of five stars overall.First off, these headphones are pretty balanced as far as low to high frequencies, while not being extremely good at either. This DOES mean it gives you better sound quality, and so long as you mix correctly on your end, you will experience the details of whatever you are trying to listen to. At its maximum, its definitely not as loud as some headsets I have had, but I have never struggled to get a louder sound from these during normal use (gaming, movies, or music)These are not active noise canceling headphones, but the ear cushions are a comfortable and snug size that don’t fit extremely tight (more on that in a bit) so it does about what I’d expect from a standard over-ear headset would insofar as noise canceling goes. You’re not gonna shut off the world with these, but you will turn it far enough down to enjoy whatever you need to enjoy.The advertised 7.1 surround sound capability is a virtual one (so it doesn’t have those special quad drivers or whatever) and it works pretty well when configured correctly, certainly enough to pinpoint directions of noise in games. For people who struggle to test virtual surround sound, try turning your headphones backwards for a bit. You’d be surprised how you can sort of reset your senses this way. Be sure to turn them the right way though or you’ll be having a very confused time lol.The input quality (mic) is pretty good, and unlike with other headsets I have had, it filters out white noises and extraneous noises pretty well (as well as breathing and typing noises, the bane of headset mics the world over) which probably has a lot to do with both the windscreen that comes with it and my first complaint about the product.The mic is rigid and only folds up from a joint connected to your left ear speaker. This seemed fine, at first, until my own voice sometimes was too quiet in game chats or didn’t always pick up when I have “detect voice” settings on. This can likely be fixed if I tune everything correctly individually and I have made an effort, but since this is not always the case with headsets and removing the windscreen only made it pick up more external noises, I’m including it in my complaints. Either its too far from my mouth hole or not sensitive enough, but its an occasional hassle to be wary of. At least I’m not blowing out my friend’s ears when the game gets intense.Beyond that, I have some friends using Yeti and other stand mics who sound far worse than I do, which is likely because that havent spent the few hours needed to tweak and test their own settings. You will likely not have to do that for this, outside of quick adjustments for your own output volume.My second and final complaint is that these are definitely made for bigger heads. I don’t have a small head by any means, so take me at my word that these will fit over hats, big hair, or just a big old noggin. I often feel it getting loose and try to tighten it (which is easy enough, btw) only to find that at its tightest it angles the ear pieces slightly, while not fitting as snug as I would like. I am likely used to headphones with higher tension in the band than these, but it should be noted. As implied before, these can also struggle to keep the size you set it at, but considering how little labor is required to fix it, its not a huge complaint.Its managing software is pretty unobtrusive and easy to use, and its much better than Razer and other accessory softwares I’ve been forced to deal with.Its Corsair, so the quality is pretty good and its taken a decent amount of stress since I’ve gotten it, as I can be reckless with my accessories. It also has a good looking design that isn’t blasted with Gamer lights so if you appreciate sleek appliances with a touch of flair then these are perfect. The have adjustable lights with the corsair logo that you can turn off, flash, change colors, or keep on. The standard light;dr at this price point this is the best pair of headphones I have had for casual use. With only minor complaints I would happily buy this model again rather than taking a risk on another pair of similar price. If you want extremely high sound quality, you’re going to have to spend more than this, but for most people this will be high tier.

  9. I will admit that I got these primarily for durability. It’s possible several previous pairs of headphones took unexpected and sudden journeys to my floor, and did not survive the trip. These have taken multiple similar trips and have held up quite well. To the point that I bought a second pair for my brother.I am not much of an audiophile, but for me the sound quality is good. The only complaint I do have is that the springs on the head rest are too soft. This results in it not actually supporting the headphones so the rest to low on my head. There does not appear to be any way to to adjust this either.In my case I just grabbed some scrap foam I had lying around and duct taped it to substitute the missing padding. In all other ways it is a comfortable head set. Just a little annoying that I have to duct tape foam to $50-$150 headset to make up for a feature that should be built in…

  10. Nice head set,. Very well built. You can’t feel them on your head. The software is nice to. They have 40mm drivers in then so they sound nice but they don’t have big deep bass it’s like just right. The rgb is just added sugar. They are well worth the money.

  11. I had a set of these, but the ear pads were starting to come apart after several years of use. I was going to buy new ear pads, but then I found refurbished headset for around the same price. So I got the “new” headset and just as good as the new one I bought years ago.

  12. I was in the market looking for a new gaming headset that wasn’t going to break the bank. I was able to snag these for around low 100s and pulled the trigger on them! I have heard many great things about this headset, but I wanted to really try them for myself and see if I liked them. After a year of using these bad boys, I can definitely say it was worth all $100!I think the sound quality is good enough, especially for the price of $100. My favorite thing about this headset is the simple/easy bluetooth connection. I leave the dongle connected to my PC and anytime I want to use my headset I just turn them on and they’re prepared to go!The headset is built pretty nicely, very sturdy & strong build. The ear cushion is pretty cozy, I have definitely worn this headset for 4 hours straight gaming. Absolutely no complaints, it’s really well-built and nice!The only issue I would have with this headset is that sometimes it loses connection on initial set up & the battery life is aite… I use this headset pretty often so I can see why the battery life has been diminished. I charge mine after every use because I like the portability aspect of it being wireless. If this is a deal breaker for you, the Arctic 7 pros comes with an additional battery for you to swap while the other one is charging.Only regret I have on this headset is that I didn’t wait long enough to get the white ones :(. Other than that! Absolutely A1 headset for gaming!

  13. The headphones are very comfortable, sound is great and battery life is amazing, even for someone who uses them for around 12 hours a day. They are very good all around, and they are the best headphones I’ve ever had. They would be perfect, but there’s a few things weighing it down.The main problem for me is Corsair’s GOD AWFUL software. You’ll need iCUE in order to monitor battery, change the lightning pattern or color, as well as change any other settings like disabling voice prompts or auto-shutdowns. The problem is, iCUE is quite possibly one of the worst pieces of software I’ve ever used.I’ll try and list some of the software issues I’ve had while using iCUE:- I try to turn on the headphones, and they light up but this isn’t registered on my computer. Nothing happens for around 15-30seconds until I finally get the voice prompt for it powering on. I would say this happens 1 out of every 5 times, and sometimes this also causes audio delay issues until my computer is restarted.- For some reason you can’t check your battery level while the headphones are charging. You’ll need to unplug the headphones in order to check the battery level. Sometimes, the software glitches and the battery status fails to change from Charging to show the battery level, so you just have to guess.- I’d say 9 out of every 10 times whenever I charge the headphones, the battery level won’t go past 93%. Perhaps this is because I’m using them while they are charging, but no matter how long I charge them for they just won’t go past 93%. The first few weeks of owning these headphones I thought this was just how it is, until one day I unplugged and it was at 100%. Next day it was back to not charging past 93%, so now it’s a little mini-game every time I unplug it to guess where it’s charged to 100, or 93%.- The voice prompts are LOUD. And there is NO WAY to turn their volume down. They are quite useful, so you won’t want to disable them, but every time you disable your mic you’ll get this lady shouting at your ear.Overall, they are great headphones, and I’d recommend them to anyone who doesn’t mind dealing with Corsair’s poor software.

  14. It is a great product that is worth every dollar spent on it! In order for it to work correctly you must fully charge this headset via a USB Charging Cable for an hour or more before its usage and it requires that you download the ICue Driver Device Software from This wireless headset will become the primary or default audio device within the windows 10 or 11 Operating System on your computer and it will disable any onboard or offboard soundcard devices until you choose to change your audio device back to its enabled setting within the Windows Control Pannel. The ICue software will locate any device updates for connected devices…. There’s also a firmware/software update available for the headset. “Please use extreme caution before doing or using firmware updates for the first time if you’re unsure or never done this before and get someone to help you that knows what they’re doing and has updated the same make and model headset. Please be advised “Do Not Use a USB HubSplitter Device if you’re going to update the headsets firmware because it will damage or cause the device to no longer work “Bricking It”… and others whom have used this headset to follow these steps: “With using the firmware/software updates for this product you must have the headset connected to its USB Cable via a single USB Port on the computer during the entire firmware update process or cycle to complete because it takes several minutes to do so, following any and all of the onscreen instructions…”

  15. Bought these to try out the “GSP” line of Sennheiser gaming headphones to see if it was something I liked. Wish I would have gone for one of the higher priced and better quality models, as this one was very disappointing and left a lot to be desired. Firstly, it is entirely plastic and feels like you could snap it in half if you accidentally sat on it or something like that. Not much in the way of adjustments, so if you have a bigger head, steer very clear of these, as they are TIGHT and clamp pretty hard on your head. The earpads were surprisingly small as well. I dont have giant ears but these felt more like on-ears than over-ears, as I struggled to fit my whole ear into them and it was very uncomfortable the whole time I tried to use them. Speaking of the earpads, they are made of a cheap feeling pleather which got warm very fast and was also quite uncomfortable. For sound quality, I can’t say a whole lot as I didn’t use them very long since they were far too uncomfortable. They sounded about average for the price range, though you could probably do better if you really wanted something audiophile-esque. The wire is permanently attached which is unfortunate. The mic is also permanently attached, so you probably wouldnt want to wear these out in public, unless you do a lot of conference calls on the train. It has the same flip-up to mute function as the better quality headsets, so that is a plus as it is very convenient, but other than that, not a whole lot of positive to say about this set.

  16. I bought this unit as Amazon Renwed (Refurbished) unit.The memory foam earbuds don’t hurt my ears for long gaming sessions, mic works in discord, and sound quality is awesome.However, in the first week the underside of the headband started flaking bad to the point where most of it fell off after the week and I keep getting small black flakes in my hair.Other than that, this headphone works great.

  17. I work in VR and spend 5 hours a day on a voice call in Discord communicating with coworkers about bugs found and tasks needing to be done. My previous headphones were Bluetooth and worked great for me to hear, but my outgoing audio was atrocious. I got these in 2021 and haven’t regretted the decision since. The difference in audio is night and day, even to my hearing-impaired ears, and the mic is comparable in quality to my USB condenser mic. It’s held up well over this 1+ year span, with being used for over 24 hours a week. Mic still works great, and audio is still top-notch.The only drawback I’ve found is when using this with my Quest 2. Plugged in with an AUX cable, it works, but audio from the Quest is much quieter than the audio coming from my PC. Since I’m hearing-impaired, I need the audio from the Quest to be as loud as or louder than the PC audio.I normally use a different pair of headphones with my Quest for that reason (Aftershokz bone conduction), but when I go to stream gameplay in my off time on Twitch or YouTube, I need a way to hear Text to Speech reading out my chat; hence needing the dual function of the Arctis 7. Which means I sacrifice being able to hear the game well in favor of being able to hear chat.My situation is not that common, I know; that’s why I rated 5 stars and just put 4 stars in “Sound Quality” beneath that. Overall, these are 5 star headphones.

  18. Very good upgrade when compared to the GSP 300s. The battery life does take a while to be recharged but it does last a while when fully charged. Mic quality seems good but you can’t really change it, similarly to the other headphones. Overall, I’d recommend if on sale.

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