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ROCCAT Kone Pro Superlight Wired PC Gaming Mouse

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  • AN ICONIC SHAPE, PERFECTED - Refined to perfection over hours of anthropometric research, the Kone Pro’s ergonomic shape and light weight of 66g offers superior comfort for any hand size or grip style
  • ROCCAT BIONIC SHELL - The solid, lightweight honeycomb shell with a translucent fade on the main clicks, provides the perfect showcase for vivid AIMO 16.8 million color RGB lighting
  • TITAN SWITCH OPTICAL - Faster than any mechanical switch, the Titan Switch Optical provides a long-lasting 100 million click life cycle, and speed-of-light actuation for unprecedented speed and precision
  • ROCCAT OWL-EYE OPTICAL SENSOR- Experience smooth, precise tracking thanks to the world-leading Owl-Eye 19K DPI optical sensor
  • PHANTOMFLEX CABLE- Enjoy a near-wireless experience with the PhantomFlex cable; Flexible and light, it virtually disappears during use to the point that you won't even know it's there
  • HEAT-TREATED PURE PTFE GLIDES - The Kone Pro's heat-treated pure PTFE glides are a game changer; They're pre-tuned so you get incredible glide and smooth mouse movements right out of the box
  • TITAN WHEEL PRO - Milled from solid aluminum, the Titan Wheel Pro is a marvel of ROCCAT precision engineering; Lightweight yet strong, it has a satisfying scroll and tactile click


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Operating System

‎Windows 10, Windows 7, windows 8

Product Dimensions

‎4.94 x 2.83 x 1.57 inches


‎2.33 ounces

Product Review

9.4Expert Score
ROCCAT Kone Pro Superlight Wired PC Gaming Mouse: Expert Review
The ROCCAT Kone Pro gaming mouse is the most advanced & lightweight gaming mouse ever created. Compete and win thanks to the Titan Switch Optical, Titan Pro Wheel, AIMO RGB lighting, 19K DPI Owl-Eye Sensor, PhantomFlex Cable and superior heat-treated PTFE glides, all at just 66-grams.
General Appreciation
  • Feels well-built.
  • Exceptionally low click latency.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Comfortable right-handed shape with a shallow thumb rest.
  • Not nearly as many side buttons as a dedicated MMO mouse.
  • No dedicated button to cycle CPI settings.

Product Description

The ROCCAT Kone Pro Lightweight Optical Performance Gaming Mouse with RGB Lighting is the result of over 14 years of devoted craftmanship and is the most advanced gaming mouse we’ve ever created. At just 66g the Kone Pro is lightweight and advanced, without compromising on the superior comfort of the iconic Kone shape. The Kone Pro utilizes the tactile & responsive Titan Switch Optical & Titan Pro Wheel and features our 19K DPI Owl-Eye Sensor, PhantomFlex cable and best-in-class heat-treated pure PTFE glides. The clean, translucent fade design of the ROCCAT Bionic Shell keeps dust and dirt out but allows the signature AIMO RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors to shine through. We’re confident in the quality and longevity of our products. To ensure additional peace of mind we provide a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty.

PhantomFlex Cable

Enjoy a near-wireless experience with the PhantomFlex cable. Flexible and light, it virtually disappears during use to the point that you won't even know it's there.
ROCCAT Bionic Shell

The Kone Pro features a solid honeycomb shell, giving an extreme lightweight of just 66g. The translucent fade provides the perfect showcase for AIMO lighting.

Hover for Features Iconic Kone Shape

The Kone’s ergonomic shape is adored by gamers worldwide. With the Kone Pro, through meticulous research, it’s been refined to perfection.
Titan Wheel Pro

Milled from solid aluminium, the Titan Wheel Pro is a marvel of ROCCAT precision engineering. Lightweight yet strong, it has a satisfying scroll and tactile click.
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  1. R. Johnson

    Good mouse so far. I’ve only had this mouse less than a week, so the scope of this review is somewhat limited, but so far my experience has been good. I got it on recommendation from my brother, who also has the same mouse. My suggestion to the reader is that everyone’s grip style, hand size, and preferences are different, so those factors will determine whether or not this is a good fit for you.Things I like:- The scroll wheel actually works properly and feels nice. My last mouse (Razer Basilisk) had an infuriating problem with occasional missed/backwards scrolling, which is incredibly frustrating in gaming, so I’ve come to appreciate a functioning scroll wheel.- The side buttons are well-placed and accessible without accidentally pressing them, at least for my grip style.- The software is functional while not being intrusive (unlike Razer Synapse, which is notoriously obnoxious)- Tracking is fine as far as I can tell.- The weight is 132g, which is fine for me, but people who like their mouse to be super light may disagree.- The lighting options in the sofware are very customizable. I tend to not go crazy with the whole RGB thing, but if that’s what you’re into, you will like Roccat’s software.Minor gripes:- The sides of the mouse are very smooth. This can introduce some awkwardness in your grip when picking up/repositioning the mouse. I might buy some grip tape for it, but I would have liked to see the rubbery/textured material on the sides that some other mice have.- I’m not totally sure the form factor of this mouse is right for me, since the mouse I am most accustomed to (a cheap Chinese gaming mouse) had a much different shape, but I’ll give it some time to see if I get used to it. It’s not uncomfortable, but not totally comfortable either. Again, this is a matter of individual comfort/preference.It’s worth noting that my brother’s Roccat Kone, which he’s used very heavily for a couple of years, has developed a problem with the right click intermittently not registering. I figure any mouse under sustained heavy use will develop some clicking malfunction eventually, but it’s something to keep in mind.On the balance, I think this mouse has earned a solid 4.5 stars (rounded up to 5 because Amazon), with the half star being deducted for the lack of grip/texturing on the sides. If I run into any glaring issues that change my opinion I will update, but so far my experience has been good and I would recommend this mouse.

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  2. Natalia Hatalia

    The best lightweight mouse for me. I’ve used this mouse for about a month now. Here are my thoughts on this wonderful mouse.Pros:-extremely low latency wireless-top tier stock feet that don’t need replacing. ( Aftermarket feet will probably perfor 5-10% better if you really want that edge )-large side buttons-great coating-ergonomic shape that fits well for MY grip style-unique RGB implementation-easy storage for the dongle under the mouse-dual mode pairing with bluetooth connectivity (bluetooth mode offers dramatically more battery life. about 3x more usage time availableCons:-optical switch clicks just cannot match the sound and feel of mechanical switch clicks. the crispiness is missed-the ergonomic shape, while comfortable for ME, is not for everyone, as it can alienate the gripstyle’s of others due to forcing a specific grip-no adapter for the included cable to plug the receiver into ( if you’ve had other wireless gaming mice I think you’d know what I’m talking about. )-no infinite scroll wheel ( coming from a g503 lightspeed, this is a feature that I miss )-the rgb implementation, while unique, may not be for everyoneWireless mice these days are pretty much all great. With wireless tech being as good as wired, sensor tech coming as far as it has and with companies all pretty much using their own implementation of the same sensor from one company, performance of these mice are pretty much all the same. What it comes down to is shape. And while this is a 5 star mouse for me due to the shape, it is definitely not a “one size fits all,” but more a “perfect shape for some.” If this shape looks like it will fit your grip style, I say give this a try. It’s definitely unique in the market for it’s shape, so if the shape is right for you, it’s pretty much the only one out there like it.

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  3. Shooty McShooterson

    Grade A Mouse. Ergo is outstanding.Scroll is outstanding. Aluminum scroll wheel with good steps.Clicks take some getting used to because they are opticals that feel a little hollow at first. Theyare on the light side of moderate and have good tactility, so overall they are decent.Side buttons have perfect placement and no travel issues.Material is a rubberized plastic that might make the hand sweaty but provides a nice texture and good grip.Weight is excellent, and feet glide effortlessly.Sensor performance is excellent, no issues.Lift off distance is low.DPI, color (x16), color mode (x5), LOD, polling rate are all configurable via on-board controls. No software required. Big selling point for me.This mouse released for $80 and is a steal for $30. Considering getting a second one because it is that good even if it also seems very durable.Performance-wise it is excellent. In terms of feel, it feels very plastic and tupperware-ish…but it is comfy tupperware and it performs!

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